Infant Care
Our infant building is uniquely set aside from the 2 other buildings on campus.  It is well equipped and creatively decorated to enhance the start of early development and learning.  All infants have an individually assigned crib and cubby unit to store each of their needs.

Our infant childcare providers will work very close with the parents to help maintain the schedule in which you have set in place at home.  A daily report will be sent home each day to inform you of your child’s feedings, diaper changes, naptimes and any activities and/or milestones that your child worked on throughout the day.  

Toddler Care
Our one-year old children are divided into 2 separate classrooms, one for the first 6 months and another for the second 6 months of each year.  There is such a large difference, physically, mentally and emotionally from the first and second half of this age group.  This allows us to focus more towards your child’s needs, interests and learning ability.

Two-Year Old Care
Our two-year old children are set up much like our one-year old program.  There is a classroom designated for the first 6 months and another for the second 6 months.  This also allows us to focus more toward your child’s needs, interests and learning ability.  

These classrooms are also designed to start the potty training process.  At this age, we also start to introduce new ways of learning and exploring through structured group activities.  It is always fun to learn that you are becoming a “big kid” now!

Three-Year Old Program
This classroom is known as our Introduction to Preschool program.  This classroom is designed to prepare your child for preschool.  Your child will really start to put all those ABC’s to work!  This classroom will enhance your child’s self-esteem with the many wonderful hands-on activities, crafts and group involvement.  From the simplest activities, such as learning how to properly hold a pencil, how to write their name or to recite the alphabet and numbers from flash card recognition, your child will feel confident in his/her growth!

Preschool Program
Our preschool program is 3 hours of fun-filled learning!  This classroom will prepare your child with all the necessary information needed for kindergarten and the wonderful experiences ahead.  You will see your child become more independent and ready to take on his/her new world!